SolTech+ keeps you warm, helps you absorbs vitamin D, and protects you from various harmful rays

Sunbathe comfortably in nearly freezing weather

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SolTech+ Plus Apparel UVTR sun in cold


SolTech+’s UVTR™ (Ultra Violet Transmission Ray) technology provides a safe and treated protective layer that adjusts to atmospheric conditions.

The UVTR™ adjusts to the sun’s specific wavelengths. It keeps you warm while allowing the natural UVA and UVB ray to pass through the optimal deflection points.

Ergonomic Design

From advanced heat mapping analyses to interviewing people after advanced field testing, we start by studying people’s needs and desires.


Reconnect with the sun
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Revitalize your Body

We invent solutions grounded on research & technological innovation. SolTech+ is natural, sustainable & cost effective. Boost you vitamin D and mood. Get a natural summer glow year round.