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Momtastic review: Cool Clothes for All-Season Sunbathing

Cool Clothes for All-Season Sunbathing

Sunbathing is an ideal way to naturally replenish bone-building Vitamin D and TanRound all-season transparent clothing lets you do just that – weather or not.

Sunbathing and other forms of outdoor recreation are healthy activities that make us feel good and look great but think about it: how often does the weather play its part in enabling these activities? Too hot, too cold, too wet, too cloudy, too windy – or all or part of the above.

If only there were some cleverly-designed articles of clothing that could keep us comfortable outdoors while allowing sunlight to boost our Vitamin D reserves naturally… actually there is: TanRound transparent clothing!

On the heels of a breakthrough Kickstarter campaign that raised more than double the $6,000 goal, TanRound is poised to hit the shelves (virtual and actual) just in time for summer.

TanRound co-founders Estevan Lopez and Stephan Perez designed this groundbreaking apparel line with innovative technology that – without the aid of greasy, environment-polluting sunscreen creams – lets wearers safely and comfortably sunbathe in most any type of weather, even in near-freezing temperatures with snow on the ground.

“It’s natural, safe and proven… minimize the hardships of the winter and get a perfect, natural tan anytime you want,” according to TanRound‘s official product description. “All, while naturally replenishing your Vitamin D!”

Sun-worshipers won’t get left out in the cold either. TanRound transparent (well, “semi-transparent” if truth be told) clothing with patented UVTR technology hold in body heat while allowing the sun’s natural UV rays to penetrate the material.

Cold-weather tests by TanRound engineers note that wearers’ skin temps remain up to 30 degrees warmer than the surrounding environment. Those living in northern climes now have a “cool” alternative to sketchy tanning salons and chemical tanning sprays if they want to look tanned and rested over the winter.

TanRound clothing is made in men’s and women’s sizes and is available in a choice of two fashionable yet futuristic colors: Crystal Clear and Liquid Gold.

Style-wise, TanRound ensembles come as either a convenient jumpsuit “onesie” or as a two-piece set, offering flexibility to match the nature of your outdoor recreation.


TanRound: Cool Clothes For All-Season Sunbathing

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The days of spending hours on the beach in the sun or in a tanning booth in a quest for golden-coloured skin could soon be a thing of the past.

Scientists have developed a new treatment that can tan skin without exposure to harmful UV rays – and it means even those with the lightest of skins will be able to get a tan.

The team has now tested the treatment on human skin, and hopes it could drastically decrease the incidence of skin cancer.

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