Our Mission

SolTech+ is committed to developing intuitive products that remediate the health + psychological + aesthetic hardships caused by Vitamin D deficiency during prolonged cool weather


The only alternative to enjoy the benefits of the sun without relying on vitamin D supplements, tanning beds or expensive trips to warm places

We started by re-assessing the way people interact with the sun and realized that the majority of Americans, upwards of  80%, suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Out of concern for this silent epidemic, which is increasingly blamed for everything from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, we took to the labs at Columbia University in pursuit of a solar receptive material that safely absorbs the sun’s UV rays. With our research, we invented what we like to call “Clothing of the Sun”.

Experts and Researchers AGREE:
Adequate and balanced sun exposure is key to a person’s all-around health and well-being.
Clothing with UVTR technology for sunbathing in cold weather and enjoying the sun year round


We realized cold seasons didn’t have to limit our ability to get natural sun exposure

The story begins on a harsh winter day set in New York City. The sun is out but it’s too cold to take in any quality rays. Everyone is bundled up, looking sluggish and miserable during the morning work commute. By the end of the workday, the sun is far gone. This pattern repeats itself deep into the peak of spring. The lack of sun inspires an idea amongst two Columbia students—wearable technology that naturally boosts your vitamin D. This vision manifests giving rise to the birth of SolTech+.


Understanding real people’s needs

After several years of research and development, we created UVTR™ technology (Ultra Violet Transmission Ray), designed with nanoparticles that vibrate at optimal frequencies and allow the sun’s UVA and UVB rays to pass through the treated material with minimal deflection.


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We want you to enjoy the sun year round, the way our bodies are wired to do so

We’re inspired by people that do great things, and who never stop regardless of the hardships of extreme weather conditions. We engineer clothing that alleviates the health + psychological + aesthetic hardships of weather elements through research, fashion and technology

“The first apparel line with innovative heating and breakthrough technology that helps you safely and responsibly sunbathe in nearly freezing weather or in the snow” – FOX