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Beating Seasonal Affective Disorder

What used to be dismissed as “the winter blues” is a fully recognized condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It goes way beyond just feeling gloomy and sluggish; with ties to depression, weight gain, and insomnia, SAD is the sworn enemy of the active lifestyle and a barrier to achieving optimal health.

Seasonal affective disorder not only impacts overall quality of life, it can also deter you from achieving your fitness goals. The gains that you’ve made in the summer and fall can easily disappear if you let yourself slide in the winter. No one wants to be one of those January 1st gym rats, hopelessly out of shape and giving up on their resolutions before February. It’s so much easier to maintain results than to regress back to where you were in the spring and begin again. There’s good news for us weekend warriors though, it’s a giant battery in the sky called the sun, and it’s a guaranteed way to knock out seasonal depression. Getting the adequate amount of sun can be difficult so here at SolTech Plus we engineer clothing that helps you naturally absorb the sun’s healthy rays and combat vitamin D deficiency.

Why You Need The Sun

There’s real evidence to suggest that a body rich in vitamin D will have an easier time coping with the anxiety and depression that comes from seasonal affective disorder. While some people treat this with expensive supplements or light therapy, those options often come with a pretty hefty price tag and can never fully replace the sun’s naturally revitalizing effects. The best way to boost your health is to reconnect with the sun on a regular basis and take it in responsibly.

Here’s how it works: your brain craves vitamin D. It’s what’s known as a “neuroprotective nutrient.” It’s a vital component of mood regulation and hormone production. When you’re active outdoors, your skin acts as a natural solar panel, converting UV-light into vitamin D and other positive hormones. That vitamin D is carried to your brain, where it invigorates and refreshes your psyche. There’s a reason that exercising outdoors makes you feel so alive: your brain craves it.

When you isolate yourself indoors – even if you’re still working out – you stop your intake of vitamin D. That’s omitting a pretty crucial component of your holistic regimen. If you do, you risk sliding into that cycle of seasonal affective disorder that can spiral until you’re left feeling strapped, depressed, and sluggish — so prevent it from happening by taking some of your workouts outdoors.

We here at SolTech are proud to help you on your journey into year-round outdoor fitness. We’ve found that with a little help, it can be an invigorating feeling to get back and exercise in the beauty of the natural world. Not only for the vitamin D but for the empowerment you’ll feel with taking your life back and conquering the elements. We look forward to exploring your fitness journey with you through this blog, from helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your workout, to the cutting edge body science that proves what we already know — an active and natural life is a life well lived. Now get out there and experience it!