SolTech+: Inspiration through Art and the Sun

Art is the universal medium of expression that makes you feel, think, remember, and even forget. It is the mystic byproduct of inspiration and creative reflection. The artist can be seen as an agent of illumination for humanity.

In the ever bustling streets of downtown Los Angeles, autodidact artist Kunst, born Malcolm Roulette-Mosley, lights up the neighborhood with his vibrant street art. Deep vivacious animation take on the serious undertones of life and reflect poignant social commentary in Kunst's works. The essence of his pieces tap into suggestive dichotomies remnant of Basquiat and embody the controversial graffiti spirit of Banksy.

On a given day, Kunst can be found painting under the beaming sun in the heart of Pershing Square. When asked why he prefers to work directly in the sun, he says it makes his paintings dry faster and helps him focus and relax throughout the process. Kunst blends paint, canvas, and sunlight to create his art, making him a true artist of the sun.

Kunst wears the SolFit Collection by SolTech Plus when he wants to reconnect with the sun on a cold or gloomy day. The weatherproof material keeps him protected rain or shine.