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Get Outside! It’s Literally the Most Important Thing You Can Do For Yourself

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re living in the northern hemisphere. That means that, like the rest of us, you’re stuck in the dead of winter.

The holidays have passed, but we’re living in that long period of cold and dark where it feels like depression, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits thrive. But hold up! There’s a way to flip the script on that, and it’s as easy as going outside.

It’s true, leaving your house, getting out of the darkness and into the light is just about the best thing you can do for your body, mind, and soul. Not only is it a great source of vitamin D, which has been linked to all kinds of health benefits, it’s also a great way to take a holistic approach to your health. Simply put: when you’re outside and active you feel better, when you feel better you build better habits, when you build better habits your life feels more fulfilling.

It’s a self-fulfilling cycle that can start today, you just need to take the first step.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is Real, but There’s a Fix

Here’s the first thing to realize: you aren’t alone. Nearly three quarters of Americans are experiencing a vitamin D deficiency due to lack of time in the outdoors.

A recent study published  in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that 70 percent of Caucasians, 90 percent of Hispanics and 97 percent of African Americans in the US have insufficient blood levels of vitamin D.

While it can be hard to diagnose symptoms, it’s not hard to see the results of long term vitamin D deficiency.

These deficiencies are tied to problems with bone density, the immune system, the autoimmune system, the cardiovascular system, and the integumentary system. The good news is that almost all of these symptoms can be reversed with a healthy dose of sun.

Our bodies crave that warmth and light on a cellular level, and giving them the chance to rejuvenate naturally is actually just playing into our base desires.

Taking your workout to the great outdoors is an amazing way to promote short and long term health benefits. Try going outside for at least a half hour a day, and see if your body doesn’t feel different after a week. We bet you’ll never go back to your dingy home gym.

A Mind and Body Solution

It’s not just for the sake of your body, it’s also so important to be outside for the benefits it brings to your mental state.

A big part of Seasonal Affective Disorder is the toll that it can take on your mental health. Depression is a real thing, and while this can’t be the only treatment for it, being outside is a proven way to improve many of those lingering feelings and doubts. It’s not just wishful thinking, it’s science.

A recent study in Australia showed that women who received a half hour of sunlight a day had better cognitive function, memory, and were better problem solvers than women who didn’t.

These findings were confirmed by the study’s leader, Dr. Alicia Goodwill.

“Exercising outdoors is a great way to encourage people to get enough vitamin D, and given exercise also has positive effects for our brain health, this is an added benefit,” she said in a recent interview.

So get outside and take your life back. We here at Soltech have you covered with a wide variety of great apparel that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the sun while still being shielded from the elements. It’s time you took back your life. Get out there in the sun and shine.