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History And Significance Of The Sun

Interesting beliefs about the sun and sun gods by different cultures

From the sandy beaches of Mexico to the pyramids of ancient Egypt, we’ve been worshipping the sun for thousands of years. The most famous of ancient sun gods is probably Ra; the Egyptian god of creation. Revered and worshiped more than any other Egyptian God, Ra represented sunlight and warmth. He was often shown to have the body of a human with the head of a falcon crowned in a golden sun disc. The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra sailed across the heavens during the day, dying at night only to be reborn at dawn.

significance of the sun
The significance of the sun

In Greek mythology, the handsome Titan Helios embodied the manifestation of the sun. Itwas said he drove a golden chariot drawn by galloping steads across the skies. The Aztecs, in contrast, had many sun gods, which goes to show how much importance they placed on this celestial body. However, they believed the sun was stationary and required regular human sacrifice to give it motion.

For the ancient Mayan civilization, the sun played a significant role in the development of society and was deeply connected to royal structures. Archeological excavations in places like Guatemala have found temples dedicated to the Sun God dating back as far as 300AD.

The significance of the Sun

These days the sun is just as important to our lives, and we just show our appreciation in different ways. These days, instead of temples and sacrifices we have sun loungers and photographs of beautiful sunsets littering our social media pages.