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How Coronavirus affects global spiritual awakening

Coronavirus is calling for a pause in everyday busyness and opening a space for stillness and introspection. 

The coronavirus has created a fissure in the fabric of reality where we are now able to see two vastly different realities at one time. This pandemic is pulling back the veil of perception so that you — if you choose — are able to enter a new paradigm, which meditation, mindfulness, and certain philosophies have been pointing to for years. This new reality isn’t really new, it has existed just underneath the perception of everyday life, subtly waiting for humanity to access this infinite field. 

Right now, you are being given a choice. Will you continue in chaos and uncertainty or will you decisively choose peace and spaciousness, no matter the journey that it entails? 

  1. The first reality is governed by your ego’s perception of the coronavirus. This surface reality is permeated with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. 
  2. Just under this layer is the second reality, which is the reality seen through the eyes of your soul and consciousness. This reality is orchestrated through peace, stillness, and consciousness. 

First, it’s important to acknowledge the energetic state of the world that has dominated our current time. The fundamentals of this crumbling paradigm are characterized by a scarcity of time, and the incessant need to have somewhere to go, something to do and someone to be. Does this sound familiar? This is the territory of the ego or the aspect within you that requires a certain level of chaotic stimulation and distraction to stay alive.

Right now, we are being ushered into the underbelly of consciousness, on a global level. This level of reality is the soul’s domain that rests in stillness, spaciousness, simplicity, and ease. With social distancing, quarantine and a collective effort to flatten the curve of coronavirus, we are all being dropped into a stillness and spaciousness that is foreign. 

This is the opportunity to acclimate to a rapidly changing world, one in which we can no longer survive off of busyness and distraction. You are being reintroduced to your highest wisdom and light, which can only be accessed through stillness and time alone. This is a globally mandated meditation where you cannot escape yourself or the expanse of time that is begging to be utilized to develop a deeper relationship with your heart, mind, and consciousness. 

While the feelings of fear, isolation, lack of control and anxiety are all normal, they are also demanding your attention. These specific frequencies are all signs that the ego is becoming increasingly uncomfortable as it realizes it’s the current reality of needing constant stimulation, control and distraction, which is being taken away. 

These feelings are signs that you are going through the alchemizing process that is necessary to exit the old paradigm of incessant desire, consumption, and scarcity. The old paradigm works like this: you desire someone or something that you think will make you happy, you consume objects or experiences in this pursuit, and then you realize that what you thought would fulfill you doesn’t last long and you need more to satiate your desire to escape pain and experience pleasure. 

As we exit this matrix, we can no longer talk about our feelings as unnecessary annoyances, go to therapy once a week, and meditate at the beginning of a yoga class. In this dramatically slower pace that coronavirus is mandating, you are now entering a forced reunion with every shrugged off feeling, experience and reality that you didn’t have time for. This is the opportunity to meet yourself at a deeper level than ever before and get to know who you are without the incessant doing that governs every hour of your life. 

At the end of this tunnel, once you have met yourself in stillness and become comfortable slowing down, is a state of abiding happiness, peace, and stillness. However, it is first necessary to face the discomfort within yourself that arises when slowing down into the deeper reality at play. Make sure that you are taking care of your body and mind, which includes getting natural sun exposure and it’s nurturing sun rays.


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