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How to make the most of your day

The best time to prime your mind and body for the day is upon waking— and it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

No lengthy morning routines necessary, just the three most potent components that will set  you up for a successful day.

When you wake up, your body is dehydrated, your consciousness is scattered and your circadian rhythm is waiting for instructions. Try these three steps to balance your mind, body and soul before you tackle your day!

1.) Drink a glass of warm lemon water. This will re-hydrate your body and assist the detoxification process that started during sleep. It’s like an internal shower. 

2.) Stand with your feet firmly on the ground and feel the connection between the soles of your feet and earth (or the floor). While you sleep, your consciousness moves into different states as you dream and your subconscious mind is able to unwind. When you wake up, your awareness can still be in other dimensions, which is why it’s crucial to connect to earth and ground your awareness in the present moment, where you will spend the rest of your waking hours. 

3.) Connect to the sun. Ideally, allow the sun to shine on your face and close your eyes. This will help to set your circadian rhythm and prime you for the day. 

To optimize this process, try drinking warm lemon water as you stand in the sun and focus on grounding. If this combination is available to you, focus on the light and warmth of the sun moving down into your body and through the soles of your feet into the earth. Visualize the warm water and sunshine awakening your senses and creating vitality in your cells. 


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