About Us


Hi, my name is Stephan, and I am one of the cofounders of the SolTech+. I began to suffer from vitamin D deficiency when I first moved to NYC several years ago. The winter was brutal and I wasn’t quite feeling myself.  


After finding out that my condition was caused by lack of sun exposure, I was determined to find a solution. Artificial tans where out of the question and I didn’t have the luxury of traveling to sunny destinations to sunbathe. Together with a college friend we began researching and testing at the Columbia University laboratories, and after much trial and error we co-founded SolTech+ and the TanRound— a better solution based on our protected technology that allows for responsible sun bathing year-round.   

Lack of sun exposure is a widespread problem, affecting hundreds of millions of people. We realized it was time to share this break-through technology with the rest of the world. With your purchase, you don’t just buy an innovative and better alternative. You also support our company’s passionate mission to empower people around the world to alleviate the health, psychological and aesthetic issues of inadequate sun exposure.  

Together we can responsibly enjoy the sun any time, any place, and help reduce risky indoor tanning, questionable spray tans and vitamin D deficiencies.