Women’s SolFit Set

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Women’s SolFit Jacket & Pants SetThe best way to get sun, vitamin D, and tan naturally in cold and windy environments. Engineered with SolFit UVTR™ fabric for enhanced comfort.

Enjoy the sun’s health and aesthetically uplifting benefits responsibly, without health supplements or indoor tanning beds.


How to use: Wear tanning lotion or sunblock, wear clothing underneath SolTech+ for modesty purposes, go outdoors! Enjoy the benefits and absorb the sun instantaneously.


  • SolTech+ is highly transparent in the sun. Clothing of choice may be worn underneath for modesty and styling purposes.
  • Sunscreen or tanning lotion may be applied to speed up or slow sun absorption.


Technology: The patented UVTR™ technology provides a treated protective layer that adjusts to atmospheric and weather conditions, and is engineered with nanoparticles that vibrate at optimal wavelengths to allow the natural UV rays to pass through with minimal deflection.



  • Soft, comfortable, stretchable fit
  • Waterproof
  • Wind resistant
  • Heat-retentive
  • Adjustable temperature vents
  • Storable hoodie
  • Inner pockets
  • Binded hems and cuffs
  • Thumb-loop cuffs
  • Anti-reflective UV ray material treated for atmospheric conditions, with UV mesh layer


Satisfaction Guaranteed: SolTech+ is committed to your total and absolute satisfaction.  We offer a 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Return and Exchange policy.

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