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Sunbathing Safely In Summer With SolTech+

Los Angeles, CA It is important to hit the right equilibrium when sunbathing in the summertime. Not enough sun exposure and you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D to stay healthy and too much you can burn. While sunlight is composed of about 1,500 wavelengths, UVB is the only wavelength that will produce vitamin D when hitting unexposed skin. UVA’s increase your risk of skin cancer and causes photoaging of your skin when exposed to too much. Therefore, it’s important to determine the ideal times of year for safe and effective sun exposure, and avoid exposure during times that UVB rays are not present. The SolFit Shirt is the best way to get sun absorption and vitamin d while blocking against some of the sun’s most intense UV Rays. The shirt is a good summer product to get sun while minimizing tan lines for both men and women. Engineered with SolFit UVTR™ fabric for enhanced comfort. Enjoy the sun’s health and aesthetically uplifting benefits responsibly, without health supplements or indoor tanning beds. With nanoparticles that vibrate at optimal wavelengths to allow the natural UV rays to pass through with minimal deflection.

SolTech+ was launched in New York in 2017 and has spread across the country and globe. Currently offering clothing for all genders, in the form of onesies, two-piece sets, shirts and vests. After years of research and development, the brand created UVTR™ technology (Ultra Violet Transmission Ray), designed with nanoparticles that vibrate at optimal frequencies and allow the sun’s UVA and UVB rays to pass through the treated material with minimal deflection. Their most popular line is the SolFit Collection, a multipurpose clothing crafted with stretchable comfort and durable quality, designed for everyday wear or for the perfect bold adventure. In addition, to being purposeful wear, fashion circles are gravitating to the new line because of its clean avant-garde design that pairs synergistically with a limitless spectrum of style.


“Safe sun exposure is essential for optimal health, but incorrect exposure can raise your risk of skin cancer while not providing any health benefits. Sunburn should be avoided at all cost.”

Sunbathing is completely safe when taken in the right amount. Have fun, get your tan on, but be aware and careful. The right amount is a key factor in your healthy lifestyle.


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