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The Ten Best Hiking Foods You Can’t Forget to Pack

Hiking can be real work. Sure, you’re enjoying the natural beauty and wonder around you, but it can be hard to get lost in a sunset when your stomach is growling at you. That’s why it’s important to pack food that won’t weigh you down and tastes great. While it can be fun to slum it with a summer sausage and bag of chips every now and again, it’s no way to treat your body on long hikes. We came up with food that will restore your body, mind, and soul so that you can get out there and have a real adventure.

Dehydrated Foods Bring New Options to Hiking Food

Sometimes it can get a little old eating the same old stuff day after day. That being said, you don’t want a ton of heavy foods adding weight to your pack. In those cases, dehydrated foods are perfect solution. A relatively new entry into the hiking food game, dehydrated meal packs allow you have hearty meals with relatively little cooking experience. While there are a ton of options available at your local outdoor outfitter, the Mountain House brand seems like a good option that delivers the flavor. Try the beef stroganoff and see what we’re talking about.

Sandwiches Are a Classic Camping Food and Leave Great Memories

Who doesn’t love a good PB&J? Not only are they filling and easy to make (and pack), they also immediately harken back memories to a simple time. For a fun alternative that packs well, try a “sit on it sandwich” which basically is just ham, cheese, and mustard on bread, that’s then wrapped in plastic and, yes, sat on to make it smaller and easier to pack. This is an especially fun activity if you have kids and want to keep them laughing and entertained! Sandwiches are a great memory maker.

Trail Mix is a Classic Camping Staple

When we’re looking at the best foods to bring when camping or hiking, it’s always important not to overlook a classic. Sometimes a little trail mix is all you need to get you through an afternoon on the trails. It’s lightweight, compact, and full of proteins and sugars that will give you a boost when you need it the most. Plus, who doesn’t love a little handful of raisins, peanuts, and M&M’s? That’s just obvious!

Chili Can Make a Hearty End to Long Day on the Trail

It might seem like a luxury, but there’s something rewarding and filling about ending the day with a pot of chili over the fire. Chili keeps well and has a variety of proteins and enough salt to replenish the fluids you’ve lost during the day (as long as you’re hydrating too). Make enough for a good meal at least once on your trip, and you’ll have a treat that will get you replenished and raring to go. Whether you’re using a home recipe or the store-bought variety, there’s a reason that chili has been a camping food classic since the cowboy days. Just try not to reenact that scene from Blazing Saddles afterward.

S’Mores are a Key Camping Food for a Night to Remember

What’s simpler and better than marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate? Not a dang thing. These tasty treats are easy to pack, easier to make, and make a camping trip feel like a real summer adventure. Just make sure that you keep the chocolate someplace cool or you may have a backpack full of goo by the time you get back to the campsite!

Frozen Fruit Makes for a Quick Treat

Pre-cut frozen watermelon and grapes are an awesome snack to have when you’re in a hurry and need something quick, cool, and sweet. Frozen grapes can be packed in ice, and pulled out when needed in between meals. They won’t bog you down, and you’ll be able to have a nice sweet snack to keep your body and mind refreshed.


What are some of your favorite camping foods? Be they classic or traditional, there’s no wrong way to do a snack on a trail. There’s something about eating in the great outdoors that makes everything taste better.


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