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The Cure to Overthinking (Part 1)

The Cure to Overthinking (Part 1)

In our society, logic, analysis and taking action are highly valued. On the other hand, emotions, feeling and receiving seem to take a back seat. This imbalance can lead to an overactive mind, repetitive thoughts and feeling disconnected from your body.  

Developing a balanced relationship with your mind and thoughts is one of the most crucial steps for your well-being because your mind is with you all day, every day. 

A balanced relationship with your mind happens in two stages. First, ending the war with your thoughts, and second moving from your mind into your body and heart for an embodied, well-rounded experience of life.

Ending the war with your thoughts is simplistic and straight forward when you understand what thoughts are. Thoughts are not your own creations. Rather, they are frequencies that float through the collective consciousness that your conscious mind picks up on.

Imagine your mind as an antenna that tunes into different thoughts, just as a radio antenna tunes into different radio frequencies. We are not the creators of the thoughts that move through our minds. These thoughts don’t belong to us. In reality, the radio, along with thoughts are already existing frequencies that you are tuning into.  

The only reason a thought comes into your awareness is to be transformed by your energy field. Your bio-energetic field is the energetic frequency that extends a few inches to a few feet around your body, also known as your aura.  

A “positive” thought enters your awareness to be expressed through the light of your energy field as joy, happiness and love. A “negative” thought comes to your awareness to be healed from a darker frequency into a lighter frequency. This happens as you allow each thought to enter your mind, feel the feelings it evokes within your body, and not suppress anything that arises in your awareness. 

The only time your thoughts are repetitive and your mind feels overactive is when you are not taking the time to honor the thoughts that come into your mind and feel the feelings that each thought evokes. 

This may sound contradictory because many mindfulness teachings will tell you that thoughts are the enemy and that you are ideally looking for a quiet mind. While a more neutral mind will naturally occur when you start to become more mindful and engaged in the present moment, this won’t happen by trying to remove all thoughts. 

Remember, your mind is only hyperactive when you are not allowing the thoughts that are knocking at your consciousness to move through your mind and the subsequent emotions to move through your body. Therefore, by trying to stop your thoughts you are actually creating a more repetitive thought loop where each thought will orbit around and around until you honor it by allowing it to have its moment of attention within your consciousness. 

When any thought that arises is no longer an enemy, and rather a friend welcomed into your home, you immediately end the war with your mind. 

Furthermore, the content of the thoughts doesn’t matter. When you begin to recognize that each thought is just a certain frequency of consciousness wanting a moment of attention in your awareness, no thought is inherently “good” or “bad”, rather they are just passing frequencies of energy. 

On a practical level, you also don’t need to act on any thought that moves through your awareness. Can you begin to take a step back and each time a thought comes into your consciousness you see it as a thought rather than a creation of your own mind that must be acted on immediately? 

The cultivation of this space between thought and reaction is the definition of awareness. Once you are aware of this gap, you can then choose how to respond to each thought and situation, rather than unconsciously react to any thought that happens to move through your mind. 

Now, let’s go back to the radio example. You wouldn’t tune into a radio station and think you need to take action on each idea presented through a song. In the same way, you don’t need to take action based on any thought that passes through your consciousness or the station you are currently tuned into through your awareness. 

Once you understand what thoughts are and how to relate to them in a balanced and healthy way, you can then begin to move from your mind into your body for an embodied experience of life. From this embodied space, the power of your mind and heart merge into your highest wisdom for your body to act in the most aligned and efficient way. [All of this in part two, coming out next!]

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