The ability to make the best choice possible, in any given situation, is the differentiating factor that determines your level of wellbeing and success. 

The choices you make will result in one of three outcomes. The repercussions of each choice will either…

  1. 1. Keep you stuck in the same cycles.
  2. 2. Push you to overextend beyond your means.
  3. 3. Access a flow state where you find the perfect balance to sustainable wellbeing and success.

Ultimately you want to make the choices that lead to this sustainable success and wellbeing. These high-caliber choices require balancing stagnation and overextension.

Any choice that keeps you in your comfort zone is going to result in stagnation. Any choice that creates a frantic, frenetic and ‘spread-too-thin’ energy is going to cause over-extension and will lead to depletion. Therefore, the perfect middle ground is to choose the option that pushes you out of your comfort zone, without overextending yourself.

You know you are making the right choice when it feels exciting, expansive and challenging, yet at the same time, it feels grounded, calm and stabilizing. This level of wisdom will bring you the most wellbeing and success as you begin to harmonize with what each moment is asking of you. 

Your highest evolution and success will never ask you to overextend to the point of depletion. However, you will be asked to move from your comfort zone and embrace challenge and change. These are the necessary components of success. 

While you may be able to find success through depletion and overextension in the short term, this isn’t sustainable for the long term and also not supportive of your wellbeing. When making the highest caliber choices, ask yourself “is this expansive and stabilizing at the same time?” This is the ideal balance for sustainable success!

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