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The cure to overthinking (part 2)- Three practices to instantly shift your thoughts and cure overthinking

Overthinking, repetitive thoughts, and exhausting mental chatter is not your fault. One of the most prevalent misconceptions in wellness is that you are in charge of your thoughts.

In reality, thoughts are passing energetic frequencies that your mind picks upon. Thoughts are not creations of your own mind. From this understanding, you can end the war with your mind and move into a new territory of a balance and mental peace. (For more on how to end the war with your mind, click HERE for part 1).

Once you are no longer in a constant battle with your thoughts, the second step is to move from your mind into your body for an embodied experience of life. From this embodied space, your mind and heart merge into your highest wisdom. This integrated wisdom allows for your body to act in the most aligned and efficient way.

Here are three ways to instantly move into your body and ground your energy so you’re not solely reacting to life from a mental headspace.

Ask yourself, “how am I feeling in my body right now?” This will instantly shift your energy from your mind into your senses. The moment you tune into your senses, you also drop into the present moment and can respond to life accordingly.
Feel your feet on the ground. When you become aware of the soles of your feet on the ground, you simultaneously shift your energy downward into the core of your body. Also, the connection between your feet and the earth creates calm, stable energy that balances any frenetic mind energy.

Breathe into the lowest part of your abdomen. All it takes is ONE breath to shift your awareness and slow the thoughts that are running through your mind.

Remember, thoughts are not the enemy. However, when your mind is frenetic, it can be extremely helpful to shift your energy into your body so you can become grounded, calm and relaxed. When your body relaxes, it signals to your mind that it is also safe to relax and slow down.


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