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Three stages that end the negotiation with your ego

Part of well-being is ending the struggle with everyday reality. 

Life gets easier when you develop the most beneficial relationship with the world around you. Here is what that practically looks like: 

It begins internal cohesion. Essentially, accepting anything that arises within your own heart, mind and body. Then, it matures into external harmony through accepting anything that arises in the world around you. 

However, don’t confuse accepting with liking. To accept something, you don’t have to like it, agree with it, or choose to act in accordance with it. Rather, to accept something is to end the internal war and constant negotiation with yourself. 

To accept something says, “I don’t need to micromanage, alter or forcibly change this”. When you end this ongoing negotiation, you will begin to see everything for what it is. Without judgement, you can see each aspect of life in its pure essence, without deeming it good or bad. And from this place of detached observation, you can then choose to make changes that better align with your highest wisdom. 

But first, you must see with an open heart that everything within you and around you is exactly as it is supposed to be in this very moment. From this place, life becomes easier because you begin to flow with the reality that is already around you.


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