The sun is necessary for the survival, but did you know the sun’s energy can also nourish and enliven your aura and energy bodies?

The energy body is the energy field that surrounds your physical body. Scientifically, this field is known as the biomagnetic field. Spiritually, it is referred to as the energy body or aura. Another form of energy, the sun’s light, arrives on the earth mostly in the form of infrared radiation.

Your aura will naturally interact with the infrared energy of the sun as it comes in contact with your field. However, you can intentionally harness this energy to feel even more enlivened, empowered and deeply nourished through your Manipura chakra.

The Manipura chakra is also known as the solar plexus. According to the Himalayan Institute, “as the center of our body’s solar (pranic) system, the Manipura chakra’s fire provides the subatomic, primordial fuel to sustain all of our physical, mental, emotional and bioenergetics functioning”.

The effects are profound when you begin to intertwine the energies of the powerful Manipura chakra, as the center of the pranic (life force energy) system, with the solar energy of the sun.

To connect this pranic center to the sun, and harness the sun’s energy into your aura, try this meditation:

  • Lie or sit down (preferably outisde in the sun)
  • Bring your awareness to your Manipura Chakra, about two inches above your navel.
  • Begin to imagine and feel a yellow light swirling in this area.
  • If you don’t initially see or feel this yellow light, you are not doing anything wrong, just intend to become aware of this yellow light and over time you will become more attuned to this subtle energy.
  • Imagine this yellow light as the energy of the sun.
  • As the yellow light picks up speed and intensity, allow the light to flood throughout your whole body.
  • With each inhale, let this light and warmth expand at the navel center.
  • With each exhale, let this light and warmth flood the body and move towards the top of your head and tips pf your toes and fingers.
  • Begin to feel this light as confidence, empowerment, and general wellbeing.

Try it out and feel the difference! Not to mention this will also boost your vitamin D levels if you’re out in the natural sun.