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Use this two step approach to align your action with the direct path of your dreams

Use this two-step approach to align your action with the direct path of your dreams

Stress is the difference between where you are and where you think you should be” – Emily Fletcher⁠

When your dreams and goals are expansive, bridging the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be can seem daunting. It can also add an extra layer of stress to your reality. 

However, there is an intuitive approach to finding this balance that doesn’t entail forcing and pushing or just sitting on your couch taking little to no action. This approach balances the aspects of being and doing. It invites you to begin taking action from a grounded and calm state of being. 

Take these two steps to cultivate a peaceful state of being and take action from this aligned space. Moving into this alignment will allow you to dream as big as you want, act on your dreams and watch your goals materialize without feeling exhausted, stressed and anxious.  

1.) When you begin to feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, stop to take a few breaths. While this may seem simple, taking conscious breaths is extremely potent because your breath soothes your nervous system and takes your body out of the fight, flight, or freeze mode. Once your nervous system feels safe, the body is able to relax and make decisions from your highest wisdom, rather than your reptilian brain that thinks you’re under attack and is only focused on survival. You will know you are in a state of “being” when your breathing is slow, your body is relaxed and you are not trying to complete tasks at a rushed pace. 

2.) Once you are in a state of being, take aligned action. You can still check off all of the items on your to-do list, but the key is to accomplish from a relaxed state. The universe never wants you to do more than you can at a reasonable pace. Therefore, if you are rushing you are trying to do more than is necessary to fulfill your dreams. Slow down and mindfully complete each task with as much focus, relaxation, and integrity as possible. This is what prepares your body, mind, and soul to receive the fulfillment of your largest dreams. 

Stress is not a byproduct of massive dreams and goals. Rather, it is the body’s response when you are trying to do too many things too quickly. When you slow down and take action from an aligned space, the same action you take will be exponentially more impactful and you won’t have to compromise your health, mental well-being, and peace in order to achieve.

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