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Want Better (and Smarter) Workouts in the New Year? Add Vitamin D to the Mix

It’s a new year, and with that comes resolutions about a new you. While resolutions are a great way to get fitness goals back in your life, sometimes the hustle of everyday life gets us down, making those resolutions fade as quick as they appeared.

We need every advantage we can when it comes to getting a better and more efficient workout that lasts. So what can you do to maximize your time and get you the body you deserve? It turns out that it starts with a bunch of vitamin D, and it comes from utilizing that giant natural battery in the sky, the sun.

Vitamin D Gives You an Advantage Before You Start

Science has just started to tap into the potential positive effects that vitamin D has on the body, but one thing is for sure, the secret is out. Take this recent New York Times article, which focuses on the process of natural light and vitamin D working together to regulate natural processes in your body, like sleep — which can help you recover better from workouts, giving a natural boost with muscle rejuvenation and hormone replenishment.

It starts with how Vitamin D affects your sleep life, which is directly tied to how well your body recovers from a workout.

“Bright light is incredibly important for healthy sleep,” said Dr. Britney Blair, a Stanford psychologist. “Our sleep system evolved when we were sleeping outside,” so not getting enough light during the day can hinder sleep. And again, healthy sleep helps mental health too.”

Vitamin D gives you the Mental Edge You Need for Workouts

Perhaps the hardest part of any new workout routine is getting the motivation and discipline to keep it going throughout the year. How many times have you started something in January, only to have it replaced by bad habits by March.

Well, there’s new evidence to suggest that a healthy dose of vitamin D can actually factor into your mood and make those choices easier and long lasting. It’s something that even the New York Times has caught on to.

“Light helps your sleep and mood,” they said in a recent article. “Being out in the sun increases your likelihood of physical activity, and sunlight is the only natural way to get vitamin D.”

Being Outside is the Only True Way to Get What Your Body Craves

The problems come because as humans have progressed, we’ve isolated ourselves indoors. We now wear clothing that is important for filtering out UV light, but has also cut us off from our main source of vitamin D, the sun. We, as a society, have tried to come up with solutions for this problem (heat lamps, vitamins, and costly treatments) but nothing can replace this natural supplement.

“As a species, we do not get as much sun exposure as we used to, and dietary sources of vitamin D are minimal,” Dr. Edward Giovannucci, nutrition researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, explains in The Archives of Internal Medicine.

That’s why we here at Soltech have created a clothing line that is a unique blend of form and function, allowing you to work out in the elements, and still retaining the benefits of vitamin D retention.

It’s a vital part of your workout that you shouldn’t short change, not just because it’s important for your body, but because it’s important for your soul.

Get outside and feel the connection with the earth and the sun. It’s such a satisfying experience, we have a feeling you’ll stick with those New Year’s resolutions all the way into next year, and with a ton of different styles and pieces to choose from, your gear can be as individually tailored to your lifestyle as your workout is.

So get out there and live life!